Automatic Renewal of Domain(s)

As a courtesy and not as an obligation (contractual or otherwise), fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration of Subscriber’s domain, if registered with Grey Media Hosting (or one of its Affiliates), or if transferred to and registered with Grey Media Hosting (or one of its Affiliates), Grey Media Hosting will automatically renew Subscriber’s domain, by charging the applicable fee to Subscriber’s current method of payment on file.

Subscriber acknowledges and confirms that the obligation to renew his/her/its Domain(s) is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the Subscriber, and is not the obligation (contractual or otherwise) of Grey Media Hosting. Subscriber hereby releases Grey Media Hosting from any and all liability for failure for any reason to renew said Account or said Domain(s). Subscriber acknowledges that there may be many reasons why Grey Media Hosting is unable to renew said Account or Domain, including but not limited to inability of Grey Media Hosting, for any reason, to bill said renewal to Subscriber’s method of payment on file, to contact or otherwise get response from Subscriber at the email address on file, or otherwise.

Subscriber acknowledges that said Hosting Account and/or Domain, if not renewed, for whatever reason, will expire on the Account or Domain Expiration Date, as applicable. In the event that a Domain expires, Grey Media Hosting will hold the expired Domain for up to 30 days as a courtesy and not as an obligation (contractual or otherwise). 30 days after expiration, the Domain will be placed in Redemption. During the Redemption period the Domain will be inaccessible and unable to be registered elsewhere. In order to bring a Domain out of Redemption, Subscriber must pay a Redemption Fee, as well as a Renewal Fee for the current year. Domain registration vouchers cannot be applied toward the cost of Redemption. If the Domain is not redeemed within 74 days of expiration, it will be set to Pending Delete status by the domain registry. After the Pending Delete status expires, the Domain will be released for registration. During the Pending Delete period, the Domain will be inaccessible and unrecoverable.

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