High Speed Website Hosting

Based in Kitchener -Waterloo Ontario, Grey Media Hosting offers state of the art, fast and reliable website and e-mail hosting. Powered by high quality servers designed to deliver your websites, applications and email with unrivaled power and reliability.
Hosting packages include the ability for you to log in to your own personal control panel and manage your own e-mail accounts and WordPress applications.

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Email Hosting Solutions

In today’s business world email has become the foundation of communication. Being able to exchange information to and from your customers, potentials and employees has become an essential tool for a successful company. We offer consistent, high quality email service, with many extra features, as part of your website hosting package. Including control panel access, webmail, so you can retrieve your mail through any browser if you are away from the office, and more.

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Fast, Reliable Hosting Servers

You have probably noticed that some website pages take longer to completely load into your browser. This is because many hosting companies do not have the proper hardware and software in place to handle even the smallest increase in traffic flow. WordPress websites demand a large amount of server resources because they are built on a database. Our servers employ the latest dedicated hardware and hi-speed communication fibre-optic lines to provide constant and uninterrupted high speed service.